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Ruaha Cover

Ruaha National Park is Tanzania’s largest park at over 20,000 square kilometers in size.  The park is well known for elephants, but also has some of the largest prides of lions around.  At this time of year, the mighty river has been reduced to a creek with dry riverbeds strewn everywhere throughout the park. Besides the lions, there were scores of amazing wildlife throughout the park, although much more spread out than in the Serengeti.  We explored the park for a full 12 hours, the size and diversity of backgrounds is hard to fathom, it seems to go on forever.

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Serengeti Cover

Our entry permit for the Serengeti was only 24 hours – an impossible timetable to see the massive 30,000 square kilometre park often described as one of seven wonders of the African continent.  Unlike other parks, due to the massive size of the park, the game is much more spread out, which lends itself to lots of “what if I don’t see…” type thoughts, but then you turn a corner and you stumble across the next amazing image…

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The Ngorongoro Crater is the result of a massive volcano explosion 2-3 million years ago.  At 610 metres deep and over 260 square kilometres in area, the crater boasts some of the most beautiful and unspoiled terrain in Tanzania.  While an incredibly busy site for visitors, cooperative agreements with conservation agencies and the local Maasai tribes have left the area reasonably unscathed and the crater is home to an astonishing number of types of plants and animals. The animals are incredible here, but the backgrounds are sometimes ignored in favour of spotting the biggest lions or the most brightly coloured birds, and in truth, the backgrounds are what makes this place...

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