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First Class with any airline is an experience in exclusivity but Emirates’ legendary First Class is truly the closest opportunity to sampling life as a celebrity or royalty that I have had.  Emirates has done an admirable job in maintaining the incredible attention to detail that first made waves with its premium cabins across one of the largest airline networks on the planet.  This posting is a synopsis of two first class flights that I had with Emirates, the first from Capetown to Dubai aboard a 77W and then Dubai to London on the A380 several days later. Flight: Emirates Flight 005 (DXB-LHR) Class: First Seats: 2K Date: September 12,...

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Lufthansa 747-400

Lufthansa’s first class service has been a permanent fixture in the list of aviation’s most exceptional flying experiences alongside other heavy hitters such as Singapore, Emirates, and more recently Qantas’ A380.  While first class in any of these airlines is a crash course in indulgence, Lufthansa is known for excellence and restraint, rather than opulence and spectacle (Emirates, I’m looking at you!)  Like sex, or perhaps pizza, there are no truly bad first class flights, there just happen to be some that have more goodness than others.  And a flight onboard Lufthansa’s first class has no shortage of goodness. Flight: Lufthansa Flight 492 (FRA-YVR) Class: First Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 (mostly)...

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