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Sagrada Família

The Barcelona trip was totally an accident – we had a Europe trip planned for Summer 2013 and this wasn’t it.  Those who know me know that I can’t resist a deal though, and the fateful day that United posted a mistake fare for business class airfare from Seattle to Barcelona for $1700 return, I knew this was happening.  After booking the airfare on a whim without even clearing the time off work… we found this beautiful 2-bedroom apartment right in the heart of the gothic quarter, listed on AirBNB for about $100cdn/night. We had the details of the apartment printed out but didn’t bother to get a map – after...

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Figueres is a small town near the French-Spanish border known most prominently as the hometown of famous surrealist artist Salvadore Dali.  Not surprisingly, Figueres is home to the largest Dali museum in the world – an absolutely fantastic view into the man’s insane mind.  Even the building is an homage to the Dali style of bizarre meets extreme. Figueres has enjoyed its rise to popularity thanks to Dali, but is not devoid of other charms.  The beautiful square next to the museum is filled with tables from small cafes nearby and a stroll down any number of the twisting and turning cobblestone roads is likely to bring you to somewhere...

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